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This used to be a niche fansite for the famous British teen amateur, Hannah. You probably know her best for the popular pink belt, or hotel threesome videos. I will save you some time, by telling you that the Wayback Machine never cached the actual content, only the main page. After running for near a decade, this site is now closed for two reasons. One, Hannah wants the site closed and she will not be coming back. Two, after the things she said to me, I want nothing to do with any of this anymore. Ok, my basic interest is certainly back now! I have closed my Natasha [Fansite] too. The [Fans] have been kind, generous and all around great, but her...I have never been so insulted. Nothing quite like being trashed by the person you had come to admire. Between her and some other fun personal crap, I had [This Song] on constant repeat for a while and lost my voice for a bit the one day! What kills me is, after everything she and I have talked about, she should know me by now, but nope, not a clue. Apparently, saying this to explain why the site is closed is "insulting", but comparing me to Karl, a type of person that I would gladly knock their teeth out, that is perfectly fine. Karl was the guy who feverishly laid it into Hannah in the threesome video and later ran the scam site. In short, he pretended that she ran the site, made a large sum of money off of doing so, evaded Hannah's attempts to sick the law on him and even got an unknown chick to make some fake "new" Hannah videos to keep the scam going. No, not even in my youth was I ever that shitty of an individual.

I especially want to thank the growing number of great fans, many of whom have followed my sites for years, for reassuring me that I am not what she says. I know it, you know it and hopefully one day she will realize it too. Who knows, maybe it was another intentional lie to hurt me. Either way, the damage is done and nothing will change until amends are made. At any rate, while I am used to the large number of callous people on the internet these days, it is indeed great to hear from the warmhearted fans!

[Here is the Age Proof] for all of the disbelievers. [Here is the video dates proof], which confirms her age at the time of filming. You can confirm many of the pictures too, using their EXIF data. Still, if you consider Hannah's content to actually be "CP", then you are a moron. However, it is a legal issue and people have the right to know. I provided the uncensored proof to some sites who requested it, but I do not consider personal ID to be public domain. Understandably, many people believed that I was lying, because surely there would be proof if she and I spoke, right? Nope! She refuses to confirm this publicly. She even let me wait around for months believing that she was [Quite Happy To Do] the small favor of a new sign picture. That lie was the straw that broke the camel's back for all of this. I have said ad nauseam how much honesty means to me and people were affecting my daily life over the issue. Apparently, that did not matter. That revelation let me know where I really stood and it led to those above revelations, which completely blew me away. Since I am now left with no simpler alternatives and people still do not believe me, fine, have at it. I will not let it slide to be called a liar when I am not.

To whom it concerns: This is basically a [PSA] to me. I am not pissed or playing games. Pissed is what I was when that person, who I still believe was Hannah, said that crap in chat last year (2015). I am not bothering to help with anything anymore after what has been said about me. This outcome should come as no surprise whatsoever. There are consequences to treating someone that way. It is a foreign concept to some, but I genuinely care about people I do not know, that is, up until the point where I learn that they are not a decent person. It is stating the obvious that, liars, deceivers and manipulators, are not decent people. I learned the hard way, long ago, not to treat those people with any civility. They do not deserve it and letting them walk all over you will teach them nothing. It does not make you the better person to allow it, it just makes you the prey for the predators.

After being compared to a scamming fraudster by a so-called friend, it should really be no surprise to anyone why I have reacted [This Way]. I can not put enough [Emphasis On This]. We are talking about the type of "person" I hate so much that I figured out a way to hack into his shitty scam site and shared the method with everyone. It really did not take much to get in either, just disabling javascript and meta refresh in the browser settings, lol. I hardly even call it a hack. He did fix that at first too, but I again figured it out and shared the method. Shortly after that, he finally closed the site. But to this day, Hannah has shown zero remorse for having said it and zero concern for the effect it had on me, which I reluctantly told her about. Instead, it is always insults and judgment from her. Which is why I do not feel bad at all for everything I say on here about her. Which funny enough, she actually tried to claim that I was impersonating and defaming her! You see, the difference between her and I is, I do not make up bullshit like that in order to get my way. I do not even have ulterior motives to what I say, even though she constantly assumes that I do. You can see the proof of that in some of the screenshots that I have provided.

The story behind the ID proof is quite the whopper too. The only reason I got it was due to me strong-arming her for it. Of course, she said that all I had to do was ask. Right, like how I had asked repeatedly five years ago? How I was told publicly "...dont you worry your pretty little head, its coming...". Or, like how I later did ask for the one new picture that I mentioned above? Oh no, never [Prove A Woman Wrong]! GASP! LOL! The ID proof was also originally part of our agreement in 2008 for me to close the site. When she did not follow through on that part, I put the site back up. Naturally, that was done to enforce the agreement. She never did follow through and later said that she [Understood] why I did it. Then we were all chummy and planning a new paysite in 2009. On top of that, Luke, the guy in the videos, had maintained that she was legal. He had plenty of opportunity to tell me too, since we also spoke a few times. So I of course assumed that the age claim was just a lie to get me to close the site, which is a very common tactic. Are you seeing the picture? For five years, neither Hannah, a so-called friend, or Luke, cared to prove that I was hosting underage porn! I have to ask, what kind of friend, or person in general, does not care if your life gets ruined by asinine laws? Eventually I resigned myself to the fact that I am just screwed either way now, whether I took the content down or not. At least now it cannot be held over anyone's head. Now back to why I finally got the proof. With governments getting more and more authoritarian, I decided to force the issue in late 2013. Unlike some of you reading this, I am not the threatening, forceful type. I am defensive, not offensive, so it took me around a month of debating it with myself to even do it. But again, I am like Karl, right Hannah? No words. I of course felt like total crap having to do it and she had no problem reinforcing that sentiment. Given what I know now, I am glad to have done it, because it forced the entire truth out into the light of day.

I was also never compensated, monetarily or otherwise, for the new [Paysite] that I [Built] for her in 2009. Multiple people, including Luke and her more recent ex, can [Confirm] that it was [Planned]. As you can see from the proof, I was willing to build the site for free. I wish I had been more clear at the time that the content was all the payment I needed, but sadly I was tired and only vaguely mentioned it. In fact, I was tired most of the time, due to the time difference and my own schedule. The old regulars know this well, as they dubbed me "the vampire" for the insanely long hours that I would stay up, in order to be around when Hannah or HB were online. It should be painfully obvious to anyone though, that I would not have freely built it without that new content incentive. What makes it worse is that she never even bothered to let me know that she no longer wanted to do it, or to offer some private content as compensation for all of my work, or even to just say a bloody Thank You! I had let it all slide though, since I was told repeatedly over the [Years] that it might still happen. In fact, the last mention of it still being possible was in [April 2015]. Now I am told that it was never going to happen. Everything I have been told, was a lie. As you can see, I had said in April that I would tell everyone that she was done, if she confirmed that she was not going to come back. She did not do that, she left it open! Yet now, I am called a Karl-like deceiver and scammer for supposedly [Leading People On]? WTF? To call me rude, insulting, immature, etc, after having been treated like that, is just rich. Really, it is just a shaming tactic to get me to not say any of this. That crap never worked on me. I am just not holding back anymore, now that I know that all of it was a lie. The more I think about what was said, the more infuriating all of this is. Custom web design averages $2,000+ on the low end and looking at the dates, I spent the better part of a month tirelessly designing and building it. So yes, Hannah, you damn well better believe that I am going to share this information with everyone. Saying all of that about me, plus denying the paysite? That is beyond the pale. 2017 Update: Now she does not deny the paysite, but actually said that I am just pissed that a woman can change their mind on something! The shaming tactics were back in full force too. This is the kind of stupid shit that does piss me off, since not only did I correct her on that insulting line of thinking before, but I have said right here what the bloody reason is!

Towards the end of the site, after she showed her true [Colors] with the chat that I mentioned above, I made the site private. Given all the shitty, ungrateful people bitching at me around the same time, I decided that I only wanted the true fans to have access. I also believe that the one person who stupidly tried to get psychological on me, in true feminazi fashion, was one of her friends. They desperately wanted me to mention the conversation to her, so I finally did once I questioned if she might actually be thinking something so incredibly stupid. I got my answer too, by her calling the person her own personal Batman! I retorted by saying that they were more like Bane. That took a while to sink in, because I did not want to believe it. Surely she knew better!? Nope. Anyways, the ungrateful people also failed to realize that I had kept running the site only as a kindness to the fans. I kept paying for it out of my own pocket and kept working on it for free, despite the headaches that other people were causing. That all ended with the above revelations. I had enough! So a small, one time, $5-6 donation towards my personal site, or a fansign from chicks, got the true fans inside. I of course thought the fansign idea was apt, since that was all I had asked Hannah for to get the asshats off my back. Hannah did not have access at this point, but she would have if amends had been made. After the final revelations a while later, emails were sent out to all Members to ask if they wanted a refund for their Donation. [Proof of refunds] Shortly after this, in late February 2016, the site closed permanently.

I also want to address the people, Hannah included, who think it was immoral of me to finally charge money for site access. For shame. Everyone deserves fair compensation for the work they do. If anything, I have a self-destructive habit of doing things for free, because I personally hate money. I prefer real trade. With fiat currency, one person will work their ass off, destroying their body and life, while barely scraping by, or still ending up destitute. Yet another person can have one singular moment of luck and be set for life. It is also a system that rewards the greedy and punishes the altruistic. That is why I did not charge Hannah for building the new paysite. The new content would have been the fair trade. I do not have a greedy bone in my body. That is why I will cut someone's lawn for $20, even though the going rate is $30-40. Sometimes I even get away with doing it for free, lol. That is why I had sold some of the content for the same price I paid for it. Then after clearing it with those people first, gave it freely to others. I enjoy making people happy. That is why I kept this site going for years, even though it was costing me money that I do not have to spare. That said, Star Trek is pure fantasy! I am a realist. I know I am in a small minority and that the majority of humans will never stop being driven by greed. But when people take advantage of my generosity, you will see my dark side. No, I do not mean that in a cheesy Star Wars way. As one good friend put it, more like Poe, or Nietzsche. "And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into you." But I digress. After being massively insulted by the only person in this situation whose opinion actually mattered to me, I had enough. You might be thinking, "You know there are ADs, right?", lol. Like most people, I also hate ADs. The file hosts, like Megaupload, used to pay for the work I put in, via their own ADs, but I also recommended using JDownloader, which would save you from ever seeing an AD. I tried making it as win-win as I could. But, if you are questioning the morality of something, direct sales are the MOST moral thing you can do! ADs sell the person's information for profit. You are not getting something for free. Most, if not all, of those companies are out to treat you like a commodity, some even infecting your machines with malicious software. Now, I did have a donation page setup, but after several years, only one person was kind enough to donate. I even tried a nagging overlay, but no dice there either. At that point I felt like shutting the site down. But instead, as I mentioned above, I made it a one time $6 cost to get in to the site and later dropped it to $5 when enough people had joined. I would have made it $5 to start with, but the transaction fees were about a dollar. I would have kept dropping it too if the numbers kept growing. No subscription, no extra cost. That is a drop in the bucket and quite fair. But I know, the view from your high horse must be splendid. In which case, you can kindly kiss my ass.

It is also not lost on me that saying all of this just provokes my haters. Mostly they just make me laugh. Like the guy on 4chan who called me a douchebag and said I designed like it was 1998. Found the beta! lol FYI, I intentionally design like that and it still takes plenty of work. Or the Brit who uploaded a [U Wot M8] GIF, thinking he was about to take control of the server with his hacking attempt. Good times! lol However, some of you will probably be happy to know that this whole thing has negatively affected my view of women. Particularly the millennials, which I am woefully a part of. I do not give two shits at this point. In typical millennial fashion, these women cry victim over their own actions, blaming anyone but themselves, all the while taking advantage of any man who believes them. They view everything a man says or does as some calculated, manipulative attack against them. It is like being extremely jaded, except in this case, it is a product of third wave feminist brainwashing. It is no wonder why so many men are [Giving Up On Women], even as friends. But, as soon as you call them out on their Bravo Sierra, their facade breaks down. As most of the regulars have plainly seen, I am not the typical porn dude who treats women like nothing but fuck toys. I know you would probably laugh too at the idea that I am out to manipulate her into returning. Many of you thought that I was wrong to just wait for her to come back. Some of you said as much and wanted the chance to prove it. Since nice sums of money were involved for her, I did pass those offers along to her and some of you had the chance to prove me wrong. It did not go anywhere. Apparently, she turns me not wanting to rob her of an opportunity, into me trying to manipulate her into returning. WTF? No, there was one guy who thought he should decide what was best for her and told me not to pass along those offers. He actually was manipulative and calculated. Ironically enough, she thought highly of him and considered me to be the shit one, lol. Yes, I just officially torched that bridge too. I have tried getting along with such people, but again, I have had enough. If those types change their ways one day, then great! But until then, I am not wasting my energy on people who treat me shitty and who have such low views. In the end, the [Manipulative Liars] say that I am the bad one! LOL! Some people really do not use their brains, because if I really was that type of person, then I would have also tried blackmailing her into giving me new stuff when I finally got the ID from her. I would not even blackmail Luke for his old stash, even though they both believe that I tried! I am really driven mad by how ignorant people are. Here I was, just sitting back in my usual zen state, hoping she decides to return some day and trying not to bug her about it! Also, since she made the false assumption that I was trying to blackmail people, she deemed my talking to her to be harassment and threatened to report me to the police! I was blown away at this point and really did not know what to think. Since everything turned out to be lies, I really had no idea if she was being serious. It was really worrying to be frank. So do you know what I did? I preemptively contacted the UK detective that she had told me about years ago, who tried helping her with Karl! I also actually had to ask Hannah to block me if she was serious, because she would not do it, which made me believe even more that she was just screwing with my head again. She finally did block me though and I never received a reply from the detective, so all is to speak. I absolutely hate that it ended like that, but there is nothing I can do about that. Maybe some British person can explain to me why so many Brits think it is a positive personality trait to be two-faced?

Why did I put links to the definitions of some common words? Some people apparently have no understanding of them and I am educating them, lol. If you are a return visitor, you may have noticed that this page keeps growing in length. Every time I come back to read over this, I find more that I should have said, or should have clarified. Curse of being a perfectionist, lol. Thanks again to those who also point out some of the missing information!

If you want this page to stay, Donate towards my personal site linked below and let me know that it is for this domain. The current expiration is November 2018, because that is where I spent some of the previous Member Donation money.

You are complicit, if you choose to ignore all of the evil in the world for the sake of your own happiness. Rise up, armor up and join the battle!

6/23/16 Freedom wins! Happy UK Independence Day! Former colonies, 80% of Americans, supported leaving!

Funny, the youth are supposedly against the fat cat Elites, yet the youth (who bothered to vote) support Remain?
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